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I’m just a guy trying to put things together. A computer is a useful tool for doing that sort of thing.

I studied computer science and physics in school, but that was only the beginning of the learning process for me. This process will likely never end. I just can’t help myself. I want to understand how the world works, so that I can act better in it.

Studying computer science and physics lead me to see the physics as being the source code for the human experience, and computers as being a kind of universal metaphor that unites the behavior of both individual human beings, as well as animals and collective groups of people like businesses, nations, and religions.

I’m just trying to put things together.

This is what computers help us to do. The word computer comes, etymology, from a root meaning “to put together” a bunch of different related pieces of information. I attempt to combine computer science, physics, mathematics, history, economics, game theory, religion, and philosophy, with the ultimate goal of helping myself act better in the world, and then sharing these ideas with you, my readers.

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Our brains are computers. What does that mean and why does it matter?


Mark P Xu Neyer (apxhard)
apxhard.com - Humans are computers. We haven't come to terms with most of what this means.